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popular searches: Special infrared camera for metal conch with ultra low illumination LA-AHD224 4-way 1080p-ahd HD car mounted dual SD card video recorder LA-SD-J10 Special infrared camera for plastic conch with ultra low illumination LA-AHD216 Ahd Hd 1080p Mini mainframe LA-AHD-J11 External air coupling ultrasonic GPS oil level sensor LA-CSB03 High definition dual channel (binocular) integrated vehicle specific infrared camera LA-AHD810 Small 3D control keyboard for vehicle pan tilt LA-JP03 Side mounted metal sphere car mounted infrared waterproof camera LA-AHD282 Ahd 10000 HD latest car mounted pan tilt integrated camera LA-AHD690 9 inch vehicle mounted IPS high definition ahd display LA-AHD903 4-way 1080p-ahd HD vehicle mounted hard disk recorder LA-HD-J10 Beidou GPS school bus card reader LA-CCM Plastic Mini conch car special infrared camera LA-AHD232 BDS / GPS vehicle positioning terminal (2G) LA-028B 4G full network Beidou GPS vehicle locator LA-C006 Glue filled mini metal square full color star class car infrared waterproof camera LA-AHD300 4G wireless car card infrared waterproof camera LA-4G-988 Vehicle remote control keyboard and display terminal LA-022 9-inch digital display for vehicle borne aircraft short head LCD LA-903 Vehicle 4G video ADAS fatigue monitoring system LA-S6(硬盘型)
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Vehicle video surveillance positioning solution provider and manufacturer
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Strive for excellence and build well-known brands at home and abroad

Shenzhen Dragon An World Electronics Co.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "longan Tianxia") was founded in 2008, It is a global leading innovative vehicle monitoring and positioning solution provider and manufacturer specializing in vehicle Beidou / 3G / 4G / 5g-gps positioning system product line, 3G / 4G / 5g-gps / BDS / WiFi vehicle HD real-time monitoring system product line as the core. It is a research, development, manufacturing and sales Our company has established a perfect quality management system, passed the latest international quality system certification, passed the latest CE certification, China compulsory 3C certification system, and become one of the main manufacturers of GPS positioning terminal and 3G / 4G video monitoring equipment in China; So far, the company's products have been successfully applied in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and the product line has been widely used in vehicle management applications in various industries. The company will spread the product line of its "xifulong" brand with the latest commercial marketing advertising method, and strive for improvement and create famous brands at home and abroad!

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Vehicle video surveillance positioning solution provider and manufacturer

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